Friday, January 16, 2015


There is something about the winter that brings out major issues around town. It seems as though every winter there is something that gets people riled up, whether it be tall electrical poles or the deer population, and it all comes to a hear in the winter.

I am thinking perhaps people are too busy during other parts of the year to give much thought to other things. Spring clean-up, summer social schedules, fall clean-up - they keep us so busy for all those months you know? But in the long, dark months of the winter we have time to mull things over. We have time to write letters and make phone calls and we have time to think about things like the noisy truck in our neighbor's driveway that starts up at 6am every work morning, or the way the helicopters disrupted our meals during the summer. And we have time to register our objections.

People think this is the slow time of the year. But really its not. Because everyone has time to get involved in the winter.

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