Thursday, January 22, 2015


One of my favorite Facebook pages is one where people who grew up in East Hampton post memories, photos, and ask questions about people and places. I've learned so much about how different my friends' and neighbors'  memories are from mine.Here we were, growing up within a mile of each other, and their lives were remarkably foreign to me.

I grew up in the village. We didn't picnic in the woods or ride sleighs on frozen Three Mile Harbor. We never had clam bakes on the bay or collected whelks for stew. Our activities largely centered on the ocean and our back yard, as well as church picnics and community events. I think those who lived in the outer parts of the town learned to create their own community and made their own fun while ours was often easier to attain. It was almost a "city mouse - country mouse" type of dichotomy.

Then there were the village dwellers who rented their homes in the summer and spent their warm days in their "camps" on the harbor or Gardner's Bay. We weren't lucky enough to have that experience and I regret that. It truly had to be the best of both worlds, summer on the water and winter in the village. What a dream that would have been for any kid growing up in East Hampton!

I enjoy seeing the photos they post and hearing the stories of East Hampton when life was simpler and there were still undeveloped acres of woods and places to access the water. It was truly a magic time to be alive.

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Ben Reichart said...

What you say is very true. There were two worlds back then, even more so I believe in our Parents day. Sometimes those worlds would be accompanied by bitterness and jealousy and at others a certain unity would be evident. The real thing is I believe East Hampton , and all the other small towns back then, were true communities. Nowadays, not so much.