Thursday, January 29, 2015


The wind really complicated things in this blizzard of ours. Because when you get upwards of 30 inches of snow, and then the wind blows it into drifts, what you have are mountains. And we have mountains.

Last night we ran down to Amagansett for a quick dinner. The roads were slushy and messy, but the most amazing thing was the mountains. Between the drifts and the piles left over from the plows, it wasn't easy to navigate. Pulling out of the parking lot meant trying to see over piles about 8 feet high. Walking down the sidewalk meant walking through a tunnel-storefronts on one side and 8 ft piles on the other. It was fun because there was no one around, but it was a good thing. There was no place to park on the street-piles of snow lined either side. It was a winter scene through and through, but not one we see often here on the East End.

This has been an interesting week. And it's not over yet. They're saying we may get a couple more inches tonight....

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