Friday, January 30, 2015


I am enjoying the artwork that is a secondary feature of any good snow storm. Because once the snow gets deep enough to cover everything in sight, a new world emerges from the winter landscape.

On my back deck I see a mound where a ball is buried beneath the white stuff. My chair and table vignette that I created by the back door for the winter looks as though its been covered in the white batting you use in quilts. And passing by other yards I wonder at what it is I'm looking at: undulating forms and obelisks of white. What hides beneath those interesting shapes? Suddenly the ordinary becomes extraordinary and I can't even put a name to some of the things I see.

Snow is the great equalizer. We are all suddenly at the mercy of nature when it is happening. And when all is said and done every tree, bush, toy and chair is all of the same cloth - and its white, white, white....

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