Friday, January 9, 2015


One of the saddest and most difficult thing about aging is watching our contemporaries suffer from the physical and mental effects it has n us. This week we learned of a classmate who's been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and another with cancer. And that is hard to hear.

I also lost my dearest friend this year to cancer and my son-i-law lost his father. It seems as though we are pretty vulnerable once we hit middle age and it not only scares us, it saddens us. Because I think most of us would rather be gone ourselves than be the only one left. The spouse, the friend, the sister or brother - losing them brings us one step closer to being alone.

Of course we have younger family members, whether children or nieces and nephews, but its not the same. Once our contemporaries are all gone we are alone in our world of memories and history. It's a sad place to be.

Well - none of us know the time or day we'll leave this earth, and I'm grateful for the extension I've been granted. As long as I'm healthy and active, and not alone, I'm very glad to be here,

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