Saturday, November 8, 2014


Driving to work at 7am yesterday treated me to one of my favorite phenomenons, especially at this time of the year. When you drive down route 114 towards Sag Harbor as the sun comes up. you are surrounded by heavy forest on either side of the road. When the sun begins to peek over the tops of the trees on one side, it illuminates the tree tops on the other. So as you're driving down through this dark tunnel, where the shadow renders most colors to a mushy brown, suddenly the tip tops light up with a ferocity in the autumnal color range, and the contrast is stunning. Up to a certain height all is dark and muddy-colored, but then as you near the upper portions of the trees they are bright and full of the fire of fall. It's as though someone took a paint brush and swiped it across the tree tops, leaving the bottom as is and making the top shimmer with light.

I see it as morning making its grand entrance into the world and it always makes me smile. How different things look in the dark and how glorious they become in the light of day. Like a metaphor, life is like that. When we come out of our dark places the light can be blinding. And if nothing else we appreciate the glory of the color we can now see all around us, once hidden by the lack of sun.

Bring on the daylight. We all need it desperately.

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