Thursday, November 20, 2014


I've been spending time in an office on Main Street this week and I find myself enamored with the windows.

I've always loved having nice windows wherever I worked. Many years ago I worked on Newtown Lane as a travel agent and the office had huge display windows on the sidewalk. I loved seeing life go by on The street as morning passed into afternoon, summer to winter, and all in between. That was the early 1970s, when most businesses were still owned by locals and we saw people we knew all day -they would pass by and wave at us, or stop into say hello. It was like a neighborhood and we knew all our newborns.

 I once had a job in an upstairs office on an alley off Newtown and I hated that space. There were tiny windows, up high, and there was nothing to see anyway. My office at the church I used to work for had windows behind me so I looked at a wall all day. The church where I work now looks onto the cemetery, which is pretty in the winter when it snows but the greenery hides it in the summer and I look at that instead of anything more interesting.

Which brings me back to this office I'm temporarily using on Main Street. It has wonderful windows looking onto the street and I love seeing people walk back and forth, crossing in the crosswalk, police cars  winding in and out of traffic, etc. It's life happening  right in my view and I love that.

Give me a good window and I'm a happy camper....

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