Monday, November 10, 2014


I love Sundays. Always have.

Church has always been part of my Sundays and that's OK - I've always enjoyed church. From my earliest days in Sunday School, my church family was always an extention of my biological family and seeing the every Sunday was like a homecoming. I knew they were people that cared about me and I knew I was in a safe place.

After church has always been Sunday dinner with the family and again, safe place to be. Warm smells of good home cooking, always a nice dessert, and very often after that an afternoon drive. We wandered through the back roads, often my father looking for specific homes he insured or knew someone was building. We learned about the little corners of town, like Louse Point and Sammy's Beach. And Sunday night meant homework or tv, depending on how old I was. Sunday's were really nice days.

Life hasn't changed all that much since then. It's still a time for church and family, and sometimes a Sunday drive. It's the day I need to recharge and get ready for the week ahead. It's my chance to just be me. I do love Sundays...

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