Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rain rain rain

It certainly came down yesterday in buckets! As I sat at my computer in my home office the sound of the rain in the early morning was comforting. The skies were still dark and I couldn't see outside the house, but I could hear the rain coming down in great quantity.

I think a lot about the people in upstate New York - the place where my mother grew up - and I wonder how they are doing. There were fears of more roof collapses with rain making the snow heavier than it already was, causing more damage to already hard-hit areas of the state. They are hardy people up there, but everyone has their limits and I fear they may reach theirs.

When visiting upstate in the winter I always wonder what draws people to an area so harsh, but its really all about history. Hundreds of years ago it was trappers who moved so far north, looking for the valuable pelts of northern dwelling animals like beavers to sell. Just like the crab fishermen of the North Sea, they were willing to risk everything to make the money they needed to feed their families. The animals with the heaviest, lushest furs were in the coldest climates, naturally. And so to the north country they went in search of "gold" of a different sort.

Their descendants are equally tough people and come from good stock. But even the strongest have their breaking points. I hope the people of Buffalo and surrounding areas and not cowering in their homes listening to the rain.

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