Friday, November 14, 2014


My blog from yesterday disappeared. I mean, I know I wrote one, but its not here. What is that about?

Sometimes I am perplexed by the entire word of the internet. I have sent emails that have disappeared. I've received emails that are meant for other people. I've lost things I've written - they just disappear - and sometimes on my computer I have to search through files to find them Interestingly enough I thought I had posted this entry early this morning. And then just now I went in to check on it and surprise! It was not posted, it was being held as a draft. And half of what I had written was missing. Oh the mysteries of he internet!

I can wrap my mind around the television. I get sound waves and all that. But the internet is in the same category of the FAX machine. How does that work anyway? I know there are people who understand it. I am not among them. I' not stupid, but I'm more right-brained. Ask me to identify a piece of music - or explain the artwork of Pablo Picasso. But the internet....not so much.

So - hopefully this time it will work. We'll see if the internet Gods smile on me.

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