Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I am miserable wearing eyeglasses right now. For complicated reasons that aren't important for the purpose of this post, I have had to take my contact lenses off and revert to glasses for a period of one month. And it's torture.

I began wearing contact lenses when I was a sophomore in high school. I had to pay for them myself because my father thought they were silly, but I had been wearing glasses since the 4th grade and hated them. So with a summer's wages in the bank I went to the eye doctor and paid an outrageous amount for my first pair. I think it was about $350, which nearly 50 years ago was no joke. It was probably all my savings.

And the process of wearing them was not easy. In the beginning I could only wear them for an hour or two at a time as my eyes adjusted to these hard things on them, and those hours were not fun. You know what it feels like to get a grain of sand in your eye? Imagine that for an hour. It took a lot of determination to get through the long process but I've loved them ever since.

Now I am remembering everything I hated about glasses. And I have two weeks to go. Oy vey.

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Lacey Rockwell said...

I just found out my daughter needs glasses. I am trying to figure out if I should just get her glasses, and let her adjust to those before getting her contacts. She is not excited, so I think that contacts would help.