Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cold snap

I've been enjoying the weather this week. It's not quite at my favorite place - I prefer the 50s to the 30s in terms of temperature - but I don't dislike it. I was game to get the heavy winter coat out and wrap myself in a faux fur blanket when watching TV in the evening, sitting in front of my gas fireplace and enjoying the pleasure of my cozy living room.

I'm not in a hurry for snow. It's a bit early for that - I'll gladly wait until the end of December for snow. January and February, bring it on - winter is all about snow and I'll take it. Not too much - not Buffalo snow - but a little here and there I'm fine with.

I remember one year some time ago when we had a blizzard on Thanksgiving. That was over twenty years ago and since then we've not seen as much as a flake as early as Thanksgving here.

The wonders of winter lie ahead of us: ice skaters on Town Pond, Christmas lights up and down Main Street, .snow that turns the world into a wonderland. It's ahead of us and I'm looking forward to it. By March I'll be ready for Spring. And that's what I love about East Hampton.

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