Sunday, November 9, 2014


Sometimes the clouds can be beautiful. The other day I was driving home from Southampton on the back roads, south side. There's a huge left handed corner and as I drove it I looked to my left - toward the west - and the sun was just out of sight behind the trees, but the sky there was still bright. To the right though, the sky was already taking on the look of evening, dark and gray. The clouds had a stormy look to them but there was no storm, only lack of sunlight. Except in slivers here and there when the last remnants of daylight were hitting them. It was stunning I'm often amazed at how truly beautiful things are so often missed in our day-to-day lives.

We tend to walk through life missing so much of the beauty around us. We're too busy with our thoughts to notice the simple things - the things we see all the time, like clouds, that are sometimes worth a good long look I remember that scene well now - because I took the time on that deserted backroad to slow down and take it in. I knew it was special and I didn't want to forget it. And I won't. Because I've learned to appreciate the little things. I stop and smell the roses. And admire the clouds.

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Ben Reichart said...

You are so right Barbara. I wrote a blog about that very thing a while back. If you stop long enough to look it is amazing the things you see. I took a walk around Greensboro one day after having lived here for twenty years, amazing the hidden little areas of beauty. I believe the old timers like our Grandparents and their parents before them were far more aware of that than we are today. Perhaps that explains a lot of things. Know what I Mean ?