Monday, November 24, 2014


Occasionally we all consider the choices we've made in life and wonder how smart they were, don't we? I mean some we rush into headlong with little thought at all, and some we take way too long to ponder, but all of them sometimes make us wonder "What was I thinking?"

Nothing makes me ask that question as often a my volunteer work with the ambulance. If it were not otherwise so rewarding it would be easy to walk away. But the good side still outweighs the far....

The other night we were called out at 9:30 to an "alcohol overdose". Sure enough this guy was out of it, until he woke up and tried to climb off the stretcher and called everyone a lot of unprintable names, including one that has never once come out of my mouth. It was not the kind of thing that leaves you warm and fuzzy if you know what I mean.

Two hours later we were called again, this time for a person less than 30 years old who was complaining of difficulty breathing. Again, experience tells us that this is probably not a serious call because people that age don't generally have a hard time breathing unless they are asthmatic, in which case it would come over as an asthma call. Sure enough it was another one of those times you wonder what was really going on that this person needed to go to the hospital at nearly midnight.

When we came out of the hospital to get back in the ambulance and go home, guess who was sitting on the curb waiting for a cab? The guy we had brought in earlier. He had been in the ER all of about an hour and a half. We all looked at each other and said what we always do in these cases: "Remind me why I do this again!"  I'm not altogether sure I know the answer to that question anymore.

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