Friday, November 21, 2014


Seeing the news about all the snow in Buffalo this week makes me very introspective.

My mother grew up in various communities in upstate New York, and lived in Buffalo when she want off to college where she met her husband. I often wonder what my life would have bee like had they decided to settle in her neighborhood instead of my father's. I can't even imagine it really. I mean, I would love being near Niagara Falls and would enjoy some of the beautiful places in our big state that are so far from us here, but all that snow? No thank you.

I suppose wherever you grow up is simply "home" to you and you always have a yearning to return to that place of your childhood, although I can't say my mother ever really had those feelings. I think they moved around enough that she ad no real connection anywhere. I know she missed ice skating, which we don't get much of here, but other than that she never talked longingly of home. East Hampton had become home to her and she loved it here.

Well - the photos of all those feet of snow in Buffalo right now remind me of her, and my grandparents, and the aunt who still lives up there. I'm not sure how they cope.

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