Friday, November 7, 2014


When we left for Florida October 28th I would say only about half the leaves had turned colors. When we got back this week most were just beyond their prime. I was disappointed to miss the best of the display.

There are still a few that are in full glory, bright yellow ones mostly. I wish I know more about trees so I could say that they were lindens or tulips, but truthfully, other than maples and oaks, I really don't now one from the other. Well, I do know the obvious ones, like evergreens, weeping willows and Japanese maples, for instance. But I'm no tree expert and my knowledge of them is extremely limited. Which is why I have no idea which are the ones still showing their colors.

Within another week or two I would imagine all the leaves will be gone. Winter is coming for sure and the landscape is rapidly changing. How quickly one season turns to the next, and the years go by. Quite a fascinating world we live in.

I  do wonder though, if living in a place with little change of seasons make one less aware of the passage of time, It certainly is a reminder to us here on the East End.

EH Nature Trail

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