Friday, November 28, 2014


So the dishes are washed and put away and the leftovers area in the fridge and I am sitting here wrapping Christmas gifts and baking Christmas gifts.

I enjoy these few days after Thanksgiving because generally I don't have other obligations (until tonight when I have to work the gate at a fundraiser) and I can start to think about Christmas. I just sat and went through the list of gifts in hand and wrapped, and made a list of what I still need to buy. There isn't a lot on the list, but I need to get it done asap.

There were sad moments today though as I made my Christmas cookie list and wrote out all the folks who will get them this year. Using last year's as a guide I remembered my dear friend who died in March. I've been taking her Christmas cookies for about 50 years.. Not this year.

Her name came up again when making gift lists. She and I always exchanged for Christmas, usually getting together a few days before the 25th to have lunch and open our presents. Because we knew each other so well hers were often the best gifts I received. Last year one of her gifts was a small plague that sits by my kitchen sink. It says "You're the kind of friend everyone should have". Dear Lord I miss that woman! Because that describes her perfectly.

Well I feel blessed to be here planning another Christmas. Because I am.

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