Saturday, April 12, 2014


Watching the new television show on AMC last weekend called "Turn" was really fun. It's not often we get to watch history that was made in our own back yards.

I always was fascinated with the Culper spy ring story that took place right here on Long Island. Not only did it involve a distant relative by the name of Anna Strong, but this was a woman who was involved in dangerous espionage during thee Revolutionary War! Wow!

I have no doubt that women have been involved in many important ways in every part of history. But it is a rare thing to hear about it. Other than the negatives (i.e. Marie Antoinette and Lizzie Borden) we usually think of women as being home keeping the children and taking care of the homestead while the men did all the  "smart" work. Other than Molly Pitcher, Madame Curie and Clara Barton, how many women can you name who made important contributions to history? Not many I imagine. So Anna Strong was a stand out for me growing up.

Now I get to see her every Sunday night being smart, brave, and devious right there in the small screen, proving to me what I've always known: the women were there - they just didn't get recognized too often in "his"tory....

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