Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Something borrowed

There's a television show on TV right now that touches on something I love. It's called "Something Borrowed or Something New" and it involves taking a mother's bridal gown and making it into a  new style for her daughter, and then her having to choose between the re-made dress and a beautiful new dress that she chooses from the racks.

I like this show because to me, nothing would be more perfect than wearing a gown that was worn by your mother or grandmother on their wedding days. And having someone who could re-design it to fit your own pesonality or newer styles is a dream.

When I got married I would have worn my mother's gown in an instant but it was not an option. Most importantly it had not been stored carefully and was in shreds and very yellowed. But it also would have needed serious re-styling because I wore a larger size than she did. It seemed impossible. But perhaps if we had a designer on hand some magic may have occurred.

I carefully stored my gown but neither of my daughters seemed the least bit interested in using it. Perhaps a re-styling would have made a difference. But in any case I am holding out hope that one of my five grandchildren will like the idea of using grandma's antique wedding dress someday...

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