Monday, April 14, 2014


I've been busy doing preparations for Easter this past weekend. I bought bags of plastic eggs that I had to fill, making sure that each grandchild had his or her own color and appropriate prizes inside. I also stopped at Pier 1 (my favorite go-to place for decor) and grabbed something cute for the table. pastel gingham napkins and a raffia bunny will make the table festive and pretty.

I also planned the menu for Easter Sunday dinner. This is a challenge since we are tied up at church from early choir rehearsal at 9:15 to about 11:30 when we get home. I scoured the internet and found a recipe for pork roast that is slow cooked over a few hours - perfect! I can prep it before church, put it in the oven, and complete it when we get home.  I did a little more research and found side dishes which could be made the day before and heated through on Sunday. I had m menu and made a complete shopping list.

I'm hoping for an Easter Sunday just like this past weekend was - sunny and warm. Somehow Easter seems right when the weather cooperates. If people dream of snow at Christmas, they also expect sun on Easter Sunday.

So the prep as begun the week will be busy. My favorite kind of busy.

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