Thursday, April 10, 2014


I've really had it with the deer.

I know there are deer lovers out there and I hate to offend any of them, but I have come to detest the creatures. I am at the point where I feel the same way about them that I do about the mice that get into my house and the occasionally rat (shudder) that I see in the wild. I even would compare them to ants. They are annoying and need to be controlled.

When we moved into this house I began planting things. I planted hydrangea bushes and irises. I planted azaleas, hostas, and yews. It took me many years to create gardens around my house because money was always tight and I would add a little each year.

About 6 years ago the deer began eating the things in my yard. First they decimated the day lilies. Then the yews were hit. Eventually as the years have passed and the deer population has exploded, they have eaten everything I have in my yard, even the things they had never touched before, with the exception of my daffodils.

This year they are hitting the daffodils. My first sign of spring. The thing that makes me smile when I walk out of my back door.

I hate the deer.

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