Sunday, April 13, 2014


I always loved Palm Sunday as a kid. Easter week becomes so somber and dark as we walk with Christ through that final week leading up to the celebration of Easter, but Palm Sunday was like Mardi Gras - one last celebration before our time of sadness. So my memories are good of Palm Sundays.

And of course there was the excitement of getting ready for Easter. We shopped for new outfits, including hats, gloves, and shoes. We anticipated the arrival of the Easter baskets that were such a treat in a family where candy was not a normal part of our diet.

So today, Palm Sunday, was always and still is a fun day for me. I like the celebration and I enjoy the idea of the people laying palms in front of the donkey that carried Christ into the city. It's a day for music and cheering. And the beginning of a long week in the Christian calendar.

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