Monday, April 21, 2014


Last week I was so overwhelmed with "life" and also so busy getting ready for Easter, I forgot to post a blog entry early in the day. I received the nicest note on Facebook from a friend who wanted me to know how much she missed my blog and hoped I was doing OK. It totally made my day.

Sometimes life throws you amazingly difficult curve balls. It knocks us down with the force of it and we struggle to get back on our feet, slowly getting to our knees, then one leg up, then the other, and finally, hopefully, standing erect once again in triumph.

I'm not there yet. But I can honestly say that its the little kindnesses of others, like taking the time to write me a note and encourage me, that enable us to do that standing again. Because we realize that no matter how difficult tings may be, there are wonderful, kind people in our lives and, if we are very lucky, there are enough of them to make us smile again.

And smiling is so sweet when it finally happens.

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