Friday, April 18, 2014


Sometimes my life seems to be all about hurrying. I hurry from one place to another, because my work does not involve one place where I go every day and spend the next 8 hours Instead I go from one job to another, from meeting to meeting, from Southampton to Sag Harbor, to East Hampton - all in the same day very often. It tends to make one feel a bit scattered  and I long for a job where I go to an office and stay there for the day.

Life in general seems to be about rushing around now days anyway. We go from one thing to anther, fitting in our errands between our job and our family responsibilities. I often long or the day when we were home with kids every night, rarely going out But then I catch myself and remember how I longed to go out at night and not have to find babysitters! I suppose we humans are just always looking for the greener grass across the fence and that's art of the problem. It's just in our nature.

Well, fortunately I am healthy and still able to go from place to place, which fits my personality. I suppose I would be bored should i not be able to.

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