Sunday, April 27, 2014

Clean outs

Yesterday my husband and sons spent a good part of the day ripping out sheet rock and carpeting in my son's basement. They bought a house with a finished basement but the work had not been done correctly and there was a leak which led to a mold problem. So they took down the walls and cut up the carpeting and now its back to "basement" status.

Driving up and seeing the dumpster in their driveway immediately brought back all kinds of memory flashbacks. We have rented dumpsters many times in our marriage and most certainly done our share on the "clean up" department. Last year alone we cleaned out my aunt's house in Buffalo when she needed to sell it, and then three months later had a dumpster in our own driveway to accommodate all the "stuff" that became garbage when we cleaned out our attic after over 30 years in this house. So we know more about dumpsters than we care to at this point. I'm especially fond of the one that have doors to open at the end so you can walk right into them with heavy stuff. It's much kinder to the shoulders and arms and made a hug difference to my husband and brother when we were getting rid of furniture and other large things at my aunt's house. At our age any little help is welcome!

There is something very satisfying about cleaning out spaces, wherever they are, whatever the size, from small closets or dresser drawers to basements and attics. It always feels really good.

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