Saturday, April 19, 2014


There are few things that provide us with more beauty around here than a sunny spring day!

Last week I walked our small property to just enjoy the little things: the mini daffodils, the boxwoods beginning to green up nicely, and the grass soon to be needing a mow. I love the new life that we see everywhere in the spring.

Unfortunately I also saw all the damage the deer have been doing to my yard. Our row of yews, which worked well for years to shield the deck from the cars parked so close to it, have been decimated and are going to have to come out this year. There is no point in trying to keep them going - they are just too far gone now. And I grieved a little over the hyacinths that had barely gotten above ground before they were hewed right to the dirt again.

Well - hopefully the deer will soon have more to eat around the neighborhood and will leave some of my things alone. If not the spring is just not going to be a pretty as it used to be anymore...

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