Monday, April 28, 2014

April showers

This week we are anticipating lots of rain and it seems that we will be leaving April under the umbrella, so appropriate for the month. Hopefully May will bring the flowers promised by April.

Both my sons-in-law were born on May 1st and my son on the 13th so May is a good month in our family. What would my life be without any of those men in it? I can't even imagine it. My son has been a special gift since the very beginning, and I will be forever grateful to both my daughters for bringing their wonderful husbands into our family. They are both amazing fathers and husbands and I love them very much.

So-as we say goodbye to April in a couple days I'll be welcoming May with open arms.It's a month of my favorite weather, and its brought great thing into my life. What's not to love about May?

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