Friday, December 13, 2013


I haven't seen a lot of children's television in recent years because my own children are grown. But lately I've seen more than I care to since I've been doing some babysitting and need to at times entertain the little darlings so I can visit the ladies room or some such thing. Anyway, the programs on today are certainly different!

For the most part they are animated. They seem to teach good lessons and be mentally stimulating and all that, but somehow I think they are missing the mark in some way. I long for some interaction with Captain Kangaroo or Mr. Rogers. I mean, it was a nice thing to think there were real, live people inside that little box. People who liked us and cared about us! For some children those were the only people they ever got to spend time with.

There was something so endearing about the Capt. and Mr. Green Jeans. I loved their interaction with puppets and the way they easily transitioned from fantasy to reality. And Captain Kangaroo was a whole hour long, can you imagine?

Of course Mr. Rogers will always be my all time favorite children's television character, even though he was more real than character. He pretty much played himself! And my children loved him. He made them feel secure and he entertained and taught them. They learned about disabilities and differences. They learned about patience and love. And they learned that there were adults out there who cared about them.

I enjoy some of today's shows - some are incredibly clever and I appreciate the talent that goes into their making. Of course Sesame Street will always be a classic, but its not new by any means - just still going strong. The new shows are more of the "here today, gone tomorrow" variety. And for good reason too.

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