Monday, December 9, 2013


Clothing trends are among the most amusing. Sometimes annoying. But always interesting. This thing with young men wearing their pants down below their boxers - sometimes practically falling off - is among the annoying ones. But there is a trend among women now that is also concerning.

I call it the "yoga pants" thing but its really more than about yoga pants. Because not all yoga pants are offensive. The things that I really hate seeing on women are leggings. They're more like what we used to call "tights" and the idea of wearing them outside uncovered would have been like walking around nude. And in my mind it still is because basically you can see everything on a person's body when they walk outside in anything skin tight.

Now there are some women who look good in these tight pants and leggings. They're the same women that look good nude. And they're certainly in the minority. In fact, they look good enough that one would barely notice them on the street (well, maybe the men notice). Most women really don't look good in skin tight clothing of any kind.

I sympathize with women who are busy and want to wear their work-out clothes at places other than the gym. But how much time does it really take to throw a pair of jeans on? Even pulling sweat pants over leggings would be more flattering. Mostly when I see women walking around in leggings I feel as though it looks like they've given up. And that's rather sad. A trend I hope will turn soon.

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