Tuesday, December 17, 2013


We've already had snow a few times here on the East End but nothing significant. Hopefully it will be well after Christmas before we see any accumulation - I can deal with it then. I don't mind a white Christmas, but I worry about people traveling. I'm always reminded of the movie "White Christmas" (or "Holiday Inn", whichever you prefer!), when they are traveling to New England and there's snow everywhere but the're not driving - they're on a train. If everyone still traveled by train it wouldn't be such an issue, but now that everyone drives to see loved ones, it's not a fun idea to see snow falling. It can ruin the holiday for some people.

They're predicting snow for today but not much. Perhaps like so many things its more a matter of scale than anything else. A little dusting would be nice. Enough to cover the ground but not enough to make the roads treacherous. No drifts, no piles, and no slushy, slippery roads - now that's a white Christmas I can get behind. I'm putting my order in now...

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