Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snow fence

Driving home from Southampton the other day I noticed a small section of snow fencing along side the road and it really sparked a memory. When we were kids it seemed as though it was one long section of snow fencing from East Hampton to Southampton, lining the sides of the road to catch the blowing snow which was sweeping across the open farm fields and keep it from drifting across the road.

Drifting was a real problem with so many open fields along the way and driving after a storm was treacherous. I remember it taking them weeks to put those fences all up - first we'd see big rolls of it every so many hundred feet, then the posts went in, and then the fencing was hung. It would begin in October and be up by Thanksgiving.

Now, there is so little open space left along Montauk Highway that I saw only one small section of fencing - it was in Water Mill on the large triangle where Scuttlehole Road swings off toward Sag Harbor. It looked lonely. And a little sad.

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