Thursday, December 19, 2013

Most fascinating

I always enjoy watching Barbara Walter's specials about the "Ten Most Fascinating People" of the year. Often I disagree with her but I always enjoy the things I learn about these famous folks. And I was wondering about doing a show of my own for the local television station here in East Hampton. It would be the 10 most fascinating people of the East End. Who would I choose?

The first and easiest is Teresa Quigley, our local town councilwoman who is leaving office this month. She never ceases to fascinate me. Watching her on TV is like watching a train wreck - we know what's going to happen, but we can't turn our eyes away. She always starts out as a reasonable, likable person but eventually morphs into this crazy screaming lady I can hardly believe is real. I've met her in person and she seems to personable and warm. Who is this alter ego I see on the screen? It's a mystery to me.

Second would be the supervisor of Southampton Town, Anna Throne-Holst. I am intrigued by her intelligence and beauty. She is strikingly beautiful and yet smart and accomplished. There is no jealousy here - only admiration - and I would love to know her better.

Then there is the woman who claims part of Georgica Beach as her property because erosion has taken away some of the beach. She erected poles after the last bad storm to claim her property - right to the water line. I want to talk to her.

Of course that's only the first three. They all happen to be women, but there are of course men that would be on my list as well. I wonder of I could find a sponsor for my show?

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