Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Little hands

Having little hands around my house this holiday changes the way I decorate for the holidays. We go in cycles here - some years there are toddlers who make me change my decor, but others all the grands are either too young or too old to be a problem. This year the twins are fifteen-months-old so they are a bit of a challenge in the "little hands" department. They grab on to everything so all Christmas decorations have to be placed out of their reach and the tree is on the sun porch behind closed doors. I have never had breakable ornaments for the tree but its still easier to have things out of reach to keep things simpler. As it is whenever the girls leave I spend a good ten minutes roaming through the house looking for things to be picked up and put away. We have a toy corner and all things that begin there end in other places.

I love having little ones around the house - I always have! That's why I had four children. And more than once I've stopped myself from buying something with the thought that "We do children, not fancy decor". I occasionally miss being able to put a fancy knick knack on my coffee table, but it doesn't last long. Because at the end of the day I'd much rather see those little hands here. And they do cause a bit of chaos. I love that chaos.

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