Saturday, December 21, 2013

Last one

Today is the last Saturday before Christmas and its a busy one. I have a hospital board meeting this morning, and a wedding this afternoon. And that's why I get my shopping done early! Because inevitably if I were to wait until the end I would never have time to get it done.

I used to work for someone who always waited until Christmas Eve to do his Christmas shopping. That would stress me out no end. Of course, only a man could do that because they seem to only do the shopping for their significant other. From what I can tell its the women of the world who do most of the shopping, so having to take are of the children and grandchildren might be more than anyone could do on one night. I know many stores cater to men on Christmas Eve. They offer special services and bargains. Thankfully my husband is more organized than that. Perhaps because we are busy with church and family on Christmas Eve. Who has time for shopping?

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