Sunday, December 29, 2013

Holiday lights

The Christmas tree by the post office here in East Hampton - the one I have always called "my" tree because I've been looking at it since they began lighting it in the 1960s and I could see it from my bedroom window - is starting to look a bit ragged. It's lower branches are dying and I think it may be on its last legs. It's so tall now it will no doubt bite the dust one of these days soon, either coming down in a storm or being taken down because its no longer safe and sturdy. It will be a sad day for me when that happens - the end of an era and one of those things that make one feel old.

The good news is there is another one growing alongside it that will take its place there in the sheep fold. So we won't be without a lighted tree on holidays to come.

I love the mayor in the town in New Jersey who announced this year they would revert to calling the tree on the municipal green a "Christmas" tree instead of the "holiday" tree they had been referring to. He pointed to the menorah next to the tree and said "We don't call this a "candelabra" do we? It made me laugh and also made me shake my head in agreement. Rather than trying to be "inclusive" all the time how about we just be honest and truthful and allow each other our beliefs. If you don't celebrate I don't mind. Hopefully you don't mind if I do!

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