Tuesday, December 10, 2013


While enjoying a short visit with my out-of-state grandchildren last weekend a thought occurred to me. I decided that grand parenting has got to me the best job on earth.

Just imagine you have a very important job to do. It's a combination of teaching, administrating, party planning, baking, and a few other minor things all rolled into one. You are always on stand-by duty, 24/7, and you must put it on the top of your priority list. And although its an important position, you get no compensation monetarily - only the satisfaction of doing something important and unmeasurable.

Sounds as though something no one would ever want to do, doesn't it? But then you need to factor in the other things. For instance, although you are a teacher, your teaching ability and success rate are never graded or even tested for that matter. And despite the fact that you are always on duty, technically you never have to do anything when called upon. You do things when you want to, and of course you always want to. And although you have many other things on your list of responsibilities, you're never sent for an evaluation or review. Any reviews will come much later, probably when you're no longer around, so you won't even be aware of your results.

Yes, I'm quite sure that being a grandparent is the best job I've ever had. It means all the satisfaction of parenting with none of the responsibility or worry. Well, not as much anyway. We always worry about the people we love.

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