Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Another New Year's Eve. Every year I'm reminded of the ones from my youth. They are still fresh in my mind.

I looked forward to babysitting when I was old enough and I did that every year throughout high school. New Year's Eve was a special gift in terms of babysitting and I always had a job that night. It was a night to make really good money because people stayed out much longer than normal and I had lots of time to myself because the kids were in bed by 8 and I often was there until 1am. At .50 and hour that meant about $3 plus a tip, and usually it was thee best money I made all winter. When fees went to .75 an hour in my later high school years, most people would pay at least $1 an hour for New Year's Eve and that was really good money!

The only problem was it was often a boring night, stuck in someone else's house, watching their television, which in those days meant some channels came in better than others depending on where they were located, and no one to talk to unless a friend was also babysitting an we could chat on the phone to help keep each other awake.

I remember every home I sat in for New Year's Eve and all the kids I watched. I even remember the red lounge chair I fell asleep in once the ball dropped and boredom set in. And I don't miss those days -

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