Monday, December 30, 2013

Empty house

This morning I woke to an empty house. It's an amazing difference that children make!

Having the family from away was an unexpected gift this Christmas. It wasn't their year to be here, but circumstances changed their plans and at the last minute we were thrilled to have them come. They arrived Christmas Eve and left yesterday morning. And today the house is so quiet.

When my kids were young I enjoyed almost every minute of those years. I loved the energy and the entertainment that they provided. Every age was a wonder and every year more special than the one before. As each of the four entered the family it changed the personality of the home and added to the joy of the whole. Each one brought their own special gifts and each one was valued beyond measure - and they still are.

But now its the grandchildren that bring that special gift to our lives, each contributing something unique that's theirs alone to give. And when they are actually sleeping here in this house, it reminds me of the days their parents were in residence. And it always makes me glad they're here, bringing us that energy and joy that only children can.

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