Sunday, December 8, 2013

Children's clothing

Along with women's clothing stores every town had a children's clothing store back in my youth. In East Hampton we had the Carousel Shop. In Southampton we went to Buttons & Bows. In Sag Harbor there was a shop called The Cracker Barrel. I remember them all well. They had white gloves and dress hats, dresses and underwear, and beautiful dress coats for children. We all dressed for church back then and everyone needed dress clothes.

In fact, I can remember things like specific dresses I bought in each of those places, or the hat and matching mittens at The Cracker Barrel. I loved Buttons & Bows for Easter finery and their white hats were to die for. The Carousel Shop was a bit traumatic for me because that's where I clearly remember the owner suggesting that my mother should probably find a place that carried "Chubbies" for me. Can you believe they actually called clothes "Chubbie sized"? It was one of the first times I realized I was fat and I think I was only in the forth or fifth grade at the time. It was not a good memory. And it makes me sad to think about today.

I suppose that was when I began to hate shopping for clothes. No wonder, right?

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Ben Reichart said...

Well, back in the day we weren't known for our sensitivities ! You never appeared " chubby " to me. Older, LOL but not chubby.