Friday, December 20, 2013


All the gifts are wrapped and stored in the attic but now the worst part of the job comes along - sorting, adding bows, and putting tags on them. I don't like to do those things when I wrap because when they are stored they tend to get pulled or ripped off, leaving rips in the paper and no idea who the gift goes to. So instead as each is wrapped I write the name on the back and later we add the bows and tags. And its a pain in the neck job. Not only because its time consuming, but also because then we need to worry about the bows getting pulled off.

I used to love the wrapping part of Christmas.. During the year I enjoy wrapping gifts or birthdays or other special occasions. I enjoy adding silk flowers or little toys in the ribbons and making lots of curls and fancy designs. But when you are looking at over 60 gifts to decorate the bloom is definitely off the rose.

The attic is full of gifts right now. And all of them need tags and ribbon. Yuck!

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