Monday, December 23, 2013

Binge tv

There's a new phenomenon out there and apparently it even has a name. Because we always have names for new behaviors, right? This one is called "binge tv". It's what we do now that we are able to stream television shows into our homes through Roku and Amazon prime and I have to admit we are guilty of it.

Last year we gave in to the recommendation of our kids and started watching he show "Parenthood". But before we watched the new episode we went on a binge and, with our Roku and Amazon prime we were able to go back to season one and bring ourselves up to date so we knew the entire storyline from the beginning. We watched hours of it on weekends and within a couple weeks we had seen all the seasons from the past.

This year we're working our way through "The Good
Wife". We started in November and are up to season four now, with only one more to go before we'll be caught up on that one too.

Every year there are shows that receive good reviews that we simply don't have the time to watch. But now, with binge tv watching, we are able to go back in time and watch those great shows. It's a wonderful thing.

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