Monday, June 17, 2013


For the first time since I started blogging, I forgot to post something one day. Suddenly yesterday came and went and no blog. Is this a symptom of my advancing age? Or simply a result of an extremely busy time in my life. Between being sick all week and having the family arrive from Pennsylvania, I must have been a bit overwhelmed.  At least...I hope that's what it was.

This is post number 1852 which means I've been writing this blog for nearly six years now. Every once in awhile I think I really have nothing else to say, or I feel as though I'm repeating myself, but the reason I started this blog always comes back to me - its my therapy. It helps me to verbalize my thoughts and work through them. It's easier to vent about traffic than succumb to road rage. And I even keep a private blog so I can rant about personal things that I would never make public in consideration of the people I may mention.....they shall forever remain anonymous!

Well, so yesterday shall forever be a blogless day. Not that it wasn't memorable, because it was, but I have a week ahead to talk about the things I did in retrospect. And so I shall!

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