Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Well the season of ticks is here again and no one is happy about it.

Every year seems to bring with it a new threat from those nasty creatures and this one is no exception. Now it seems that the lone star tick bite can give you a red meat allergy. Now that's not the worst thing in the world - after all there's plenty of fish and chicken out there - but when you begin to think about the meat products in food, and the way meat comes into contact with so many things (like the scrambled eggs made on the same grill at the hamburgers at the local luncheonette) it does become difficult.

We've lived with ticks here on the East End for our entire lives so they're not the kind of things we go off screaming in the dark about - we calmly remove them, we save them in tape, we do what we need to do to deal with them. But they are becoming more and more a real pest here and I wonder where we are headed. Is enough research being done on how to deal with them? Is there a vaccine around the corner for Lyme and the other things they bring us? Where exactly are we in the fight against these creatures?

Well one thing I know for sure - I'm getting my yard sprayed for them this year.

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