Friday, June 21, 2013


This time of year is so busy everywhere when you live in a resort community like ours. The weather is great and it seems as though every night there is some outdoor event to attend, or a dinner with friends on the back deck, or just a cook-out at the beach - we want to take full advantage of the outdoors while we can.

It's also a time when friends come to visit and take advantage of our beaches, and a time when every non-profit has fundraising events, and every venue has its outside music and cocktails to pull in the crowds. One never need be bored in the summer in East Hampton!

There's danger in being busy. It's easy to get so caught up in the schedule of activities that we fail to enjoy the simple things - the sunsets, the blue summer skies, the sound of a baseball bat making contact with a ball - the sounds and sights of summer are beautiful. Even the sounds of parties and laughter, which can be annoying late at night, are a welcome change when we first begin to enjoy our evenings outside.

Summer is here. And so far, the weather's been ideal and I'm enjoying it immensely. Soon the humidity will set in so I'm taking advantage of this perfect time.

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