Monday, June 10, 2013


I am a sucker for games of chance. It's a wonder I'm not broke.

Fortunately I'm not a "gambler" in the sense that I don't play cards or travel to Atlantic city to play the slots. Those things can be addictive and I know I have an addictive personality. It is rare that we spend money on a lottery ticket or a raffle. I can probably thank you very tight budget for that - a lifetime of watching every penny helps!

No, my biggest weakness is the label on a cereal box or bag of candy that says "Win $10,000....". Just last week I needed to buy a bag of m&ms for my daughter so I stopped in to CVS to pick up the needed item. A I approached the counter I spied the m&ms and immediately realized there was something different about the bag. I grabbed one off the shelf and there it was! If the bag is full of all back m&ms I would win $100,000! Wow! The things I could do with $100,000! Now I had a dilemma - how many bags should I buy? And if I buy multiple bags, what if I give her the one that has all the black m&ms? And mine didn't? Oy vey!

My better judgement prevailed and I bought only two bags. Once home I opened one and naturally, there were multicolored candies in it. So now - the next dilemma - how to keep myself from opening the other bag...just in case!

I  managed to control myself. But if I find out later that the other bag was full of black m&ms there will be hell to pay!

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