Friday, June 14, 2013

Rain rain rain

I've always loved the sound of the rain. I have no desire to live in Seattle, but occasionally I do love a good soaker.

Last week we had a tropical storm blow through - the first of the new hurricane season - and I found myself dealing with a touch of insomnia at midnight. It was a nice cool night and I was sufficiently tired, but sleep was elusive so the sounds of the passing storm were background for my thoughts as I lay in bed trying to fall back to sleep.

I especially like the sound the water makes as it pours from the gutters onto the deck below my bedroom windows. The constant flow of it, accompanied by the staccato of the heavy raindrops pounding the house, is soothing in its steady rhythm. Don't ask me why I couldn't sleep with such a great, relaxing background - but it was enjoyable to listen to in my sleepless state in any case.

We had 4 inches of rain fall that night and at times the filed across from my house was ore like a lake than a green, but my newly planted pots on the deck were happy and we won't have to water the new privet for a few days either. Eventually the sounds of the night did put me back to sleep but not before I said a little prayer of thanks for the sounds of creation just tipping its hat at the world.

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