Sunday, June 9, 2013

More local

Shopping locally was my theme yesterday and I realize how difficult it is to buy some things around here anymore. I have had to expand my idea of "local" to include Riverhead so Target and Tanger are included. TJ Maxx is great and K Mart of course. I rarely find clothes around here that fit me but I can find good prices on children's clothes of I shop the sales at local luxury retailers on Main Street.

But since we own a business I see the other side of the issue a well. More than one customer has gone to the internet to shop for insurance, especially car insurance. After all, who can resist a cute green lizard and a cheaper price? But here's the rub. He's also had former customers come to see him to ask questions because they have no one to go to when they have a problem. And despite the fact that they are no longer customers they feel free to come in and pick his brain about their coverage or whatever the issue is. Hummm. Makes the case for shopping locally doesn't it?

Well he is incredibly patient with people and usually answers their questions. But at the end of they day he wonders why his time isn't worth something. And I think the extra money I sometimes spend on buying something in a local store (like the very expensive lasagna pan I bought one day last year) is worth it because its an investment in having our shops full and active and having a healthy downtown here in East Hampton.


Dave B said...

If your idea of "local" now includes Riverhead, you really have no reason to not try Peapod lol.

Downhook said...

It only includes Riverhead if it's for something I can't get here...:-)