Saturday, June 22, 2013


I've had many jobs in my lifetime. When I was in high school I worked at two different clothing stores during my summers. I learned retail from some real pros and many lessons I will never forget about work ethic and customer service. I still hold those early teachers in high esteem!

When I left high school I worked as a travel agent. I dreamed of traveling to places I will probably never go, and wanted to travel more than anything. Of course life had other plans and I never did get to see the world, but my job soon became raising a family and that was fulfilling enough.

Over the years I was raising my children I did many odd jobs to help with the finances. Some jobs were unique and fun - like making desserts for a caterer or painting plaques for the local VFW. Others were purely economical, like the months I spent mailing out concert tickets to members of Paul McCartney's fan club. But the experiences were all interesting.

When my eldest went to college I took a job working at a church, organizing the office and keeping it running. I did that for nearly eight years and enjoyed it immensely. People are rarely rude or obnoxious when they go into a church to do business! That was a nice bonus!

I am about to embark on another church office job and I must say I'm looking forward to again being in the position of combining business with ministry. I won't be making a lot of money doing this job, but it will be satisfying and fun to begin a new challenge.

Many people do the same job their entire lives. I must say its been nice to be able to say I never had a career - other than motherhood - but jobs, well, those I have plenty of experience with!

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