Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day

Father's Day always makes me think about what a great choice I made in the person who would be come the father of my children. This year, for the first time in awhile, all the grandchildren were here for Father's Day and watching him interact with them always makes me grateful for who he is. He was a great father to our children and now a wonderful grandfather to our grandkids. I hope they all realize how lucky they are.

Growing up I had two very different grandfathers. One was a conventional, warm and kind, gentle man who was the very epitome of a grandfather. He would walk us around his garden, explaining what the different flowers were, laughing at our antics, and just loving us to death.

The other was not so warm and fuzzy. He was funny and larger than life, but physically and in personality, but I never sat on his lap or played with him in any way.

If I had a choice I would have preferred they both had been like the former rather than the latter, but we don't have choices about such things, do we? In later life I learned to

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Anonymous said...

GREAT picture, but why is Ted NOT smiling?!?!!? LOL