Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I've always liked eyes. I don't know it they are truly the window to the soul as someone has suggested, but they certainly are a magnetic part of a person's face. And I've never been partial to any one color - I find them all beautiful.

Now that I have grandchildren its fun watching their eye colors change as they get older. Some started out bright blue but have mellowed to a softer one. Others are now more hazel, and still others becoming that deep brown that dances in the light. Each is distinctly their own, all different shades and certainly reflecting their personalities as they twinkle and shine with mischief.

My own eyes are a cross between blue and green and my husband's are brown. We had only one of four children with brown eyes - the others all have various shade of blue/green. So now the grandchildren are also displaying the same genetics as the differences are sprinkled throughout each family. Genetics aside, none of them has the same eye color as we do - some have my shape and his color, some their father's shape and my color, but none has them in the same combinations. I love the way our genes get put into a virtual blender and come out in so many interesting ways.

Eyes. Truly one of my favorite facial features.

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